Ipad Glass Repair


Owning an iPad is a thing of luxury, but the biggest headache with which a majority of iPad users are stuck with is its costly maintenance.
The worst Nightmare of every iPad user is a cracked screen as specially being an iPhone user where your phone depicts your luxurious choice; a cracked screen becomes an embarrassment for you.

At the Calabasas mobile iPhone repair, we understand the feeling of using an iPad with a broken screen or some other malfunctioning and that’s why we offer best in class solutions to all your iPad worries. Whether it’s about a broken screen, damaging by water or battery malfunctioning, we have it all at your disposal.

Calabasas mobile iPhone repair has employed some of the best workers that are seasoned veterans when it comes to iPad repairing and delivers high quality services to you as soon as possible so that your precious time is not wasted in waiting for your repaired iPad. We also understand that repairing and iPad is a costly option which can get as high as $200 or even more with the latest generations and that is why offer our services at a price that is perfectly reasonable for you.

That reasonable price thing would have surely brought some queries in your mind that how can we offer our services at a reasonable price, but don’t worry, we believe in maintaining a competed transparency by describing our step by step way of working here –

  • The first process is the one where we remove the broken glass of your iPad with the help of a heat gun and a razor. The heat gun simply melts glue that is responsible for holding the glass to its surface and then the razor is used to detach glass form its edges.
  • The next step involves removing three screws with a group of cables named as “flex cables” which are covered by a metal bracket.
  • Then the screws that hold the antennae module and metal bar are removed carefully and then a special adhesive covering that holds the screws that lie beneath.
  • The other screws are also removed along with the antenna module by detaching the antenna.
  • Then comes the number of front facing flex camera cable which is removed simultaneously along with the headphone flex jack cable.
  • Followed by this the front facing jack cable and screws in headphone jack bracket is removed.
  • The last process involves removing the headphone jack flex cable assembly and then the iPad screen is ready to be replaced by the new one.

The procedure just for the overview of it looks quite taxing and daunting task to accomplish which needs the mastery, but don’t worry your iPad is in safe hands as our highly qualified workforce have all the experience needed to accomplish this and apart from all that this long process do not consume your valuable time by delivering our repairing services as soon as possible.

You can either walk into our local facility to get your iPad repaired or you can also schedule an appointment and we are here to solve all your iPad problems and in addition to that we also deliver our services on tablets of other famous brands.

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