iPhone Glass Repair


When it comes to buying a new phone, we will always consider the iPhone first because it’s the best in its field. After a long time of saving from your job or after a lot of hard work, most of us are finally able to buy an iPhone and it is always a wonderful feeling. But what can be the worst thing that can happen to you? The worst and the most annoying thing that an iPhone user experiences is the cracked screen problem. A large number of customers, around 21% have cracked screens. This problem even becomes worse when we are not able to see the screen properly due to the shattered screen, untimed battery drainage, your business work or even difficulty in connecting with your friends and family, many other experiences that messes with the functionality of our iPhone, but even after that many doesn’t want to get their iPhones repaired. Do you know why? Because even a normal or a simple looking task over an iPhone cost over 100$. We at Calabasas are always ready to serve you with the 100% guaranteed satisfaction moreover at a reasonable rate. We are the best at repairing iPhone as every Tech expertise working with Calabasas are hired after multiple interviews, background checks and after passing through various certification programs. They already know how to deal with your iPhone the best way and getting it alright in a little time. You can contact us anytime and can be completely assured of the repair that is done by our tech will be the best in the area, moreover is guaranteed with a 90 days service warranty.

Calabasas provides you with the doorstep service and walk-in service too, where you can get your iPhone glass repaired within no time. In case, you are not satisfied with the service and the repair done by our technicians you can contact us and we will arrange another repair within no time and get your issues resolved. We aim at building relations with our customers. Your satisfaction is our job. To get known about the iPhone glass repair process, let’s get known to the steps that are performed while repairing your iPhone:-

  1. Since, the shattered screen can mess up your whole functioning of the phone, that’s why we do an assessment which makes us know about the problems that are caused by the shattering of your glass. In Simple words, we can say whether it’s only external or some internal damage has been done too?
  2. Generally, screwdrivers are used to loosen up your shattered screen of the phone.
  3. With tested techniques and cleaners your shattered screen is pulled off from your phone.
  4. A metal plate that is present below the screen is unscrewed off your device.
  5. Lastly, some cables are put in for the placing of the new screen in place of the old one and then they are connected accordingly and the home button is tested whether it is working efficiently or not. Later the screws are put in their place to get your repair completed. Moreover, that’s the same way an apple store does the repairing or any shop would do. The difference is the assurance, quality, satisfaction and the cost.

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