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Our vision

Over the last few decades, world has seen a drastic and rapid increase in cellular industries with undoubtedly the best improving and upgrading technologies. With the exponential rise in the number of cell phones being manufactured, the need to cater its maintenance and repair is on top market demand.

To serve the purpose we are at service! We are the cell phone repair company which has been brought up to satisfy the customer’s needs. We offer our services at the most economically feasible rates which are very far affordable with great ease. Our service abilities range from your broken cabinet, renewable modular contents, reliable & long lasting charging leads, better quality original displays, soldering circuitry, etc. We try to provide customer with best what can be done. We are the solution for every of your cellular needs you look up to. We possess great experts for latest Apple iphone and android cell phones.

Be it any of the top market model repairing- Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG, and more, we are the solution. Any queries of customers are answered by our all time modest and friendly staff 24*7.

Broken cases, malfunctioning charging leads, cracked housing, broken screen displays, or even water damage are handled with great ease, better technicians and most satisfying rates for consumer. Plus, handling these repairing cases we have large stock of repair parts, cell phone parts, upgrading soft wares and accessories.

We follow the Indian saying ‘work is worship’ with whole hearted honestly and labour. We value our customer above everything and offer our work to our customer at most reasonable and cost efficient price. With years of working and serving our prominent customers, we taking great pride announce our leading graphs in the area. We are highly obliged being chosen!

  • Iphone glass repair
  • Ipad glass repair
  • Samsung repair
  • Mac book repair

We have highly skilled, experienced technicians to serve your purpose for any of your problem. Let us have a glimpse of few:

Iphone glass repair

A thought of repairing an expensive iphone screen give you goose bumps. An approximate cost can be summed up into 100$ often.
A broken screen is not just add to the irritability but also can result into many risks, none of them you are worthy of. These risks may not just include the odd look or difficulty in readability but also can affect your iphone’s performance, in addition to this they can be of physical harm too- users may cut their fingers while use over the broken glass.
To cope up with all jotted above you can contact us with no hesitation. We guarantee you your satisfaction.
There is a metal sheet just below the screen display of your phone we very carefully unscrew and place the new super quality screen. After the task is done we also, offer you with home testing if the work done is proper. After all, you satisfaction is our main motto!

Samsung repair

There is absolutely no doubt that goods from Apple, Mac Books, Ipads etc are more likely to have more wear and tear. But brands like Samsung also possess damages like broken displays, charger malfunctioning and others.
For your any query and problem solution, we provide the complete solution with guaranteed satisfaction. We are your local trusted name!

Broken Glass? Call us @ 818 306 8888